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Octordle is a brand new version of Wordle, a spin-off built for players who want to guess more words for each game in the word guessing genre popularized by Wordle. So, do you think you can juggle not two (Dordle), not four (Quordle), but eight words at the same time?We bet you can. As ridiculous as it sounds (there's Wordle too!).

What is Octordle?

Octordle, or should we say Wordle number 8 is just what the doctor orders for players who have conquered both Dordle and Quordle, let alone the precursor to everything, the one-grid Wordle.


Octordle is a more difficult version of Wordle created by Kenneth Crawford. You have to guess 8 five-letter words with up to 13 attempts. There are grids dedicated to each of the eight words. Needless to say, these grids operate independently of each other.


In many ways, Octordle is simply a multitasking version of Wordle with 8 concurrent grids working at the same time. Obviously, the rules for each grid and, by extension, each word, are the same as Wordle's, with the same color coding and the same 5-letter English dictionary words.


However, the eight grids add a significant amount of difficulty to the whole experience, which can be frustrating as well as rewarding.


Octordle game mode

Octordle offers 2 game modes:

Daily Octordle: A new octordle every day. Every day, a new Octordle (a set of eight 5-letter words) is added to this game mode for all players around the world. You get one Octordle to guess every day and this Octordle is the same for every player.


Free Octordle: Octordle provides a way for players to understand its multi-tasking approach before venturing into the everyday world of Octordle. This game mode allows the player to play as much as he wants, one new Octordle at a time.


How to play Octordle

Now that you're ready to enter Octordle's simultaneous word guessing world, let's see how you can play Octordle, what game modes are offered, and how to solve the 8-cell dilemma in the game guess from your already polished pieces of minced meat.


You'll be astounded by Octordle's 8-grid monster board, which at first glance seems like an endless, unconquerable series of titles. It's eight times bigger than Wordle. It is therefore imperative that you have a well-defined strategy and approach before starting to guess the Octordle.


The hidden sauce in the Octordle is finding the right time to pick the first grid you'll tackle. This grid will get your attention before the other 7 grids. In any case, after your first one or two tries, you should be able to find enough letters on each grid to be able to choose the one with the most information.


Try to guess this word as quickly as possible and enter it as soon as possible. We don't want to be stuck in a situation where there isn't one. the number of remaining attempts is less than zero. of the total grids left to explore. It's an impossible situation and means you've lost the game.


At any point you feel stuck with this word, make sure to scan the rest of the grid just in case there's a better chance of guessing another word. Make the switch and start guessing this new word with confidence.

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