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Wordle is now available online, ready to present you with a variety of word-guessing tasks at different levels. Gone are the days when you had to indulge in the feeling of waiting for a new challenge as you used up all your turns. You can now play as much as you want and can even increase or decrease the difficulty of your challenge yourself.


Wordle game rules are quite simple. Your duty is to find a mystery word through 6 guesses. The word to guess has a length depending on your choice, from 4 to 11 letters. The longer the word, the higher the difficulty. Because no matter how you choose the word length, the rule of having to find the mysterious word in up to 6 attempts remains the same, think thoroughly.


To get started, you need to guess a word and enter it in the first row. With each guess, the hints will be given through the green and yellow tiles. In particular, the green tile represents a correct letter in the correct spot while the yellow tile represents a letter belonging to the word to be guessed but in the wrong spot.


Just a person over 6 years old or anyone with the ability to recognize words, Wordle is an ideal choice for entertainment. The game is said to be very helpful in developing memory and logical thinking skills in children.


How to Play Wordle Game

Enter a word in the first row

To start, enter any valid word with a valid number of letters to find out which letters match the word you're looking for. Remember you have a maximum of six attempts.


Analyze the letters

If any letter is colored in yellow, you can infer that the letter is in the hidden word but in a different position. If any letter is colored in green, it is in the word and in the correct position you should keep that letter in the same spot for the next guess. If any letter is still gray, you shouldn't think of words that contain that letter.


Guess the hidden word

Yellow letters: If a yellow letter appears in the word you just guessed, in the next guess you should find a word containing that letter but it must be in a different position.

Green letters: You need to find a word that contains that green letter in the same position.


For example, you guess the word SOULS and the system shows U and the first S in green, the L in yellow while all the rest are in gray. Then, SLUNG is a good choice for the next guess as the position of the letter S and the letter U is kept, the position of the letter L is changed, and no letters overlap with the gray letters of the previous guess.


Wordle Frequently-Asked Questions 

What is the best word to start Wordle with?

Using a word with multiple vowels to start a wordle is highly recommended. Try to choose words that do not contain many vowels and do not have repeated letters. We recommend the following words.



Should I enter a word with many consonants?

Absolutely yes! Besides vowels, consonants are also important because nearly all words contain one or more consonants. However, it is recommended that you choose words with common consonants. Instead of choosing words that contain Z, J, or Q, you ought to prioritize words that contain R, T, S, and N. The chances of getting yellow and green tiles will be higher. The word STERN can be taken as a typical example as it has almost all the most popularly-used consonants.


Why is my word invalid?

If you get a warning about a word not found, that means the word isn't in our database. Now try another one, as you have numerous options. Changing the letters in a word you just entered can sometimes result in a new word. Try this if you think the letters in that word have the potential to belong to the hidden word.


How can I change the entered letters or words?

The system allows you to delete and re-enter a word if you want to change it. You can use the Delete or press the "Backspace" button on your computer keyboard to perform the deletion. However, keep in mind that you cannot change the word after you have pressed Enter.


Can my kids play Wordle?

For sure! Wordle is made for all ages. This game is considered especially useful for children to develop their memory and logical thinking skills, and at the same time, it helps adults be entertained while still helping the brain function in a healthy way. Just be aware of the words, anyone can play it. However, according to our observations, the most suitable age to win Wordle is 6 years or older.

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