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Primel is a puzzle game in which you try out different word combinations to guess a secret word, with clues provided by the different colors the letters in each of your guesses change to (green means a letter in the exact right place, orange means a correct letter in the wrong place, and grey means the letter doesn't appear in the word at all).


First there was Wordle, then Absurdle, and now Primel. Another iteration of the viral grid-based daily guessing game has surfaced online, and this one may be the most bafflingly perplexing yet. If you are good at Math and numbers, this is the perfect choice for you.

How to play

Guess the prime in six attempts after submitting each guess, the color of the cell will change to green, yellow, or gray.

If the cell turns green, it means that the guessed number is in the prime and has been placed correctly.

If the cell turns yellow, it means the guessed number is in the prime and has been placed in the wrong spot.

If the cell turns gray, it means the guessed number is not in the prime or any spot.

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